One of Those Tricky Days

I typically use this blog as a way to warm up for my workload – you know, the stuff I actually get paid to do. I’ve found that my technical writing, not just my creative writing, benefits from those “loosening-up” period, much like an athlete performs far better if there is some stretching and warm-up going on. That is my normal routine on a normal day. Unfortunately, it looks like today might not be such a day. I had to go into one document cold, and it was a bit of a struggle – had to have it to somebody before noon for review. I got it out, but I want some time to do one more pass of editing before I send it out for “official” publication. That’s where things get tricky sometimes with being a paid writer where the deadlines are a little stricter than if I was, say, a self-employed fiction writer. Thankfully, I am getting a little time now to stretch and be ready for when the draft comes back. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how much of an entry I’ll be able to fit in today.

Received changes back on that…erm…other story I wrote yesterday. Okay, it’s erotica, under a pseudonym. Editor had some good suggestions, and I have a great idea for an overhaul given what I’ve learned about my own writing skills. I’m almost 100% sure it will end up being published on Amazon, but haven’t decided if I’m going to link it from here or not. There are some obvious reasons for using a pseudonym, but at the same time it is a publishing credit. Have to ponder that one.

Got a mention on Chazz Writes, another writer’s blog. Haven’t had a chance to check his blog out just yet (this is a note to myself to do so!), but I did enjoy his post on rejection letters that mentioned my own post. I do think we sometimes get a little caught up in the idea of amassing rejection letters as some badge of honor. I’ve seen that writing is a truly interactive media, and we need to engage more in finding readers and editors who can give us feedback and help us learn what works and what does not work. It’s something I’ve had to learn the hard way.

And that’s all I have time for today…sigh.

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