Getting Started

Yesterday was not my most productive day; in fact, it was the least productive day I’ve had in the last few weeks, barring any days I may have taken off. My plan for today is to really dive into things, and I’m also pretty sure I’ll make up a lot of time this weekend.  I’m trying to keep from getting locked into a business-like, almost nazi approach when it comes to being productive. I have a bad tendency to become compulsive about things, and I want to make sure I keep away from being compulsive about this, as right now it’s one of the most important things in my life.

I guess that’s a pretty wordy way to say “I don’t want to overdo it and burn out”. But that’s the point of a warmup, isn’t it?

I have always written to music. It’s been one of the defining traits of my writing  “career”, such as it is, and music itself has long been one of my own personal defining traits outside of its role in my creative processes. I think I have pretty good taste, with a smattering of guilty pleasures here and there, but let me tell you, it took a lot of cutting through crap and evolving to get there.

The reason I mention this is that I suddenly find myself unable to write when I’m listening to music. I don’t understand it, but the internal voice that I have to listen to when I write has become so strong that the music is just too much for it. I can’t connect with the voice, and my writing becomes mediocre. I have to be right there with the voice, present and connected. I’m very curious if this is the case with other writers. Is this what it’s like to finally find your voice? If so, I like it. A lot. But it has meant some changes in my writing process.

Part of my goal in maintaining this blog, aside from simply documenting my progress, is to offer some resources for other writers. It seems important to me that we offer one another support and learning opportunities, because this is a damned hard craft to practice. As such, I’m going to try to link some sort of writing resource daily – another writer’s blog, something along those lines. As I link these within the blog itself, I’ll add them to my list of links as well.

Today I’m linking to Author Culture. It’s a great collaborative effort that features extremely well-written posts on everything from book doctors to book reviews, editing and queries, and even cartoons. I’ve learned quite a bit on the business side of this whole thing over there, and I highly recommend it.

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  1. I too write to music. However, some “voices” do not like the competition and force me to write in a silent environment. Have you heard of OmmWriter? It is a distraction free writing program with built in soundtracks and backgrounds..You might enjoy it. Everyone that I have told loves this program. Good luck with your writing progress for the rest of the week.

    • Whoah, yeah that software looks great. I’ll definitely be checking it out this weekend and maybe doing a write-up next week. Thanks for the tip 🙂

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