Coming to Terms

Man, what a frustrating day yesterday was for my writing career. The reason I found it so frustrating is that I’ve been slaving away at this short story for a few weeks now and while I thought I was getting close to something that was right, when I re-read it I felt like it was stilted and a bit off. It’s frustrating because I know what I want the story to convey, but I feel like I’m just not quite getting there. It really was one of those days where I felt like I would be better off just giving up and going off to pursue some other side career of some sort.

I suspect this sentiment might be pretty common amongst writers, though, especially as you start to evolve into something different from what you once were. I can see my writing style and my goals changing into something different entirely, and I think I’m in an awkward transition period. Not to mention I was entertaining some fantasies of being “different” from everyone else, of thinking that this would somehow be easy for me when it’s beaten lots of other writers, some much better than me, senseless. My need for instant gratification can be a terrible beast at times.

Thankfully, Mary read my story last night and we talked it over, and I can see what’s missing. She even made some suggestions that I think will strengthen it overall. Like I told her last night, my biggest concern is that I’m now on something like the 6th draft and it’s still not done. But hell, I need to stop thinking in terms of how many drafts it takes to finish and just concentrate on telling the story that needs to be told in the way it needs to be told.

On a really positive, encouraging note, I have come up with the front end for the overhauled version of Torat. It’s going to be a little…I don’t know. Airier. It’s going to be from Matty’s perspective, and she’s not a serious person, so there’s going to be some more humor injected. I’m actually really excited about it, and hope to get started soon.

Oh and should have some feedback on my *ahem* other story today, at last. Hopefully we can get that published sometime next week. A for real publishing credit! Yay!

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